7 Romantic Christmas ideas

Romantic Christmas ideas In few weeks a lot of people will be celebrating Christmas time. The winter is coming and with that the snow, the cold weather, the scarf and the coat, but also visit the family and spend the most romantic season with your partner. While this holidays parties arrive, I would like to […]

The love's city Paris, one of the option to spend a romantic anniversary.

Romantic anniversary, how to celebrate it

A romantic anniversary is the best choice to show your partner how much you love. Between the options you can decide to do something special, something crazy like a travel or something little but with a lot of feelings’ mean. But one thing is sure; that day must be celebrate in style and as the […]

Writing letters to his girlfriend

Love letter to declare your feelings

Love letter composition A good way to express our feelings and show them to the person we want is to make a declaration with a love letter. With kind words, you can convey emotions and feelings, the other person will love it. We give you the keys to writing love text messages in a letter, […]

Find special moment together with your partner.

10 advices to be happy in a relationship

What we need to be happy in a relationship? It is the question that many couples do when they feel apart. After a while, they don´t share the same time as the beginning of the relationship. Although there is not magic secret to do, here are some tips that experts have studied and noted that […]

Someone likes you

How to know if someone likes you

Discover if somebody likes you. This must be one of the questions that most people have been raised in the history of mankind, is that not everyone has the same level of intuition or the same ability to discern detail when someone is attracted to them. I want to give you the essential keys, so no […]

dating mistakes

Mistakes to avoid on your first date

Mistakes everyone makes and you should learn before go to your date. Dating someone for the first time is not an issue that we should make bigger, or see it with anxiety or nervousness, it is good to remember that what happens in this match significantly determine if the other person feels or not happy, […]


9 Ways to Keep Your boyfriend in Love Forever n Ever With You

Today, I´m going to talk about an article focus on women. It is about how to keep your boyfriend in love with you. Everybody knows after many years is difficult to be as romantic as the beginning. Women start thinking it is because their boyfriend is not interested in her as was before. However, this […]


Break up: how to act when you are going through it!

Ending a relationship is not easy, but when is them who has left us, the situation oftenbecomes more complicated and even more if we feel that we haven´t taken this important decision, it’s taken by them. Even if the relationship was wrong, we don´t stop to lamenting and victimize, and often we spend twice over […]