Break up: how to act when you are going through it!

Ending a relationship is not easy, but when is them who has left us, the situation oftenbecomes more complicated and even more if we feel that we haven´t taken this important decision, it’s taken by them. Even if the relationship was wrong, we don´t stop to lamenting and victimize, and often we spend twice over [...]


Ideas for a perfect date

Sometimes we want to prepare the perfect date but not everyone have the enough money to invite that special person. However, the truth is there are many great plans for those who don´t need invest so much. We give you some options which will not have to spend half the salary. Discover how to prepare [...]


Tips: How to act in your first date

When we love someone we experience different feelings, sometimes we are afraid to be rejected, but sometimes we want to know if the attraction is transformed into something material. However, we don´t want to use words to say what we like or do we wish to note our exaggerated or excessive interest. Find the midpoint [...]

buscar pareja

Dating: Find your perfect person

Dating is not an easy task and after lot of years meeting people who finally is not the correct person, the arrival of maturity… our demands are greater and is not longer either adapting to our wishes. But in many cases the person could be compatible is near from us, even if the oppression and [...]


Fear: how to overcome it

Everyone feels afraid in some circumstances in life, fear of change, fear of rejection, fear of situations. But often, our reaction to this feeling is not appropriate, and that keep us off to defeat it. When we faced with a situation that causes us fear, sometimes we used to be paralyzed, and even we try [...]


How to get over your ex

When a relationship ends feelings start to being confusedly sadness, melancholy, anger, frustration … a roller coaster of emotions that make you take a rest for a while to overcome the episode. If you’re still at the same point after some time and you realise it is harder than you thought, we give you some [...]

social networks

How to prevent social networks break your relationship

For many people, the arrival of social networks meant the entrance to a new world: contact with people you didn’t know about them a long time ago, the possibility to be informed easily… all advantages. But for others, it meant that his/her personal life was not so personal, now everybody can know about your life, [...]


9 tips to handle a long distance relationship

For many reasons lot of couples have to deal with complicated situation: keep on their relationship being physically separate for a while. Clearly such unions have their own peculiarities and is necessary to confront with maturity and emotional intelligence. If you find yourself going through it we give you some useful tips for you to [...]


How to leave the friend zone

You’ve brought that person at 4:00 in the morning to the airport, you let her/him sleep in your bed without even touching a hair, you’ve been shopping all day and even you’ve taken a chicken soup the last time he/she had the flu. If you drool when you see her/him and you think it is [...]


Do you dare to say I like you?

Are you in love with a person who doesn’t know it? We know this is a complicated situation, is not easy to say “I like you” if you are not sure about the other person´s feelings. But it´s time to take the risk so we give you some advices for your new challenge. Don´t be [...]